spiderWhen it comes to the number of bugs and other insects that can be found in Coral Springs and all of South Florida, there certainly is no shortage. And what’s even worse is that many of them don’t hesitate to stroll through your home in search of food, water, and shelter.

And while cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, and ants get most of the press, there are other species lurking about.

There are some friendly little critters of Florida that are pretty to look at and useful for the environment that can come buzzing into your window. However, there are some unsightly little pests that can be annoying and potentially harmful to your health that you might want to look for.

In Coral Springs, there are all sorts of spiders. There is the Arrowhead Orbweaver, which can be recognized by a bright yellow triangle on its body, and they can be found in shady areas.

Then there is the Arrow-shaped Micrathena spider, which can be recognized by the pointiness of its body, though it is also very tiny. The Ant Mimic Spider, which gets its name from copying the body shape and size of normal ants, will also walk and form groups like ants. These little insects can be found mostly outdoors in yards and gardens.

Another sort of bug that can be found in Coral Springs homes is the delightful firefly. Also known as a lightning bug, these little beetles create a bioluminescence of a yellow-green glow to attract mates. The frequency and brightness of the flashing light they create causes no heat, and is generated by their nervous system.

While capturing them and making little light filled jars is a fun pastime as children, it can harm these bugs and stress them to the point of death. It’s always best to release these bugs back into the wild.

On the other side of the scale, annoying and harmful bugs can be found too. There are things such as wasps that can create hives and nests inside and around homes, ticks that can hang onto your animals’ skin and can even attach to you or family members to give painful bites that may carry diseases.

Stink bugs are common and usually fly in swarms, and when killing them, they produce an awful stench that gives them their names. Other sorts of beetles that do not bite or harm humans can be found crawling around practically anywhere in the southern states and can get into homes, causing more annoyance than worry.

If you’re worried about what type of pests come into your home, remember that not all insects are harmful, dangerous, or even annoying. Some can be fun to play with, educational, helpful to the environment, and beautiful to look at.

But knowing the difference between what can harm you and what can help you can benefit nature as well as yourself. Making sure you know what bugs to keep out of your home and what bugs are okay to visit can make your living experience all the better.

Of course, if your mindset is that you don’t want any bugs in your home whether they be friendly or harmful, then you should contact our office in Coral Springs for pest control service. We offer solutions that will rid your home of all annoying pests. Call us at 954-906-9118 for an estimate or to schedule a home evaluation.