Whiteflies refer to the tiny heart shaped flies that often rest in large numbers on the leaves’ underside. They are common to Coral Springs and all of South Florida.

These insects can cause serious damage to plants by sucking juices from them. Hence, this will result in the yellowing and shriveling of leaves that will ultimately fall from bushes and trees. The plant may even die if there are a large number of whiteflies per leaf. Whiteflies can also facilitate the transmission of viruses from diseased to healthy plants.

Generally, there are many options for controlling whiteflies if you see them on your plants. First, if they happen to appear on your indoor plants, you can use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to suck up the adult whiteflies while being very careful not to destroy the plant. But always check to ensure that there are no newly hatched whiteflies that can escape from your vacuum bag.

You can also consider using sticky tape to control whiteflies. It the same sort of tape that is used to control houseflies. Simply hang the sticky tape from the infected plant and follow label instructions.

Now, again if you don’t have a major issue with whiteflies you can try an insecticidal soap. It’s worth noting that this type of soap is readily available for purchase, or you may consider making your own by simply using a dish detergent like ivory liquid. Avoid using products with additives and perfumes which might be harmful to your plants.

The soap should be mixed with a weak concentration of water before being sprayed on plants. With this technique, the whiteflies are unlikely to be wiped out even though their population will be reduced.

Another option for controlling whiteflies would be to use neem oil which is basically obtained from the neem tree. It is vital that you always follow the label instructions when using it. Apart from its insecticidal properties, it is worth noting that neem is also an excellent fungicide with systematic advantages, meaning that it can be absorbed by the plant to control whiteflies without direct contact with them.

Neem oil is proven to be safe for use on ornamental and vegetables as well as food plants. Even though it might not eliminate the problem, neem oil is very useful in controlling the population of whiteflies just like the insecticidal soap.

You may also consider purchasing beneficial insects to help eradicate whiteflies. For instance, a single small back ladybug is a voracious feeder which can consume up to one hundred and fifty white fly eggs in one day. Ladybugs are extremely mobile and are often used in green house surroundings. In case you want to use them outdoors, it is important to release the beetle under a row cover to assist in the concentration of its efforts in the designated area.

Without a doubt, whiteflies can do damage if there is a wide scale infestation of your outdoor plants and trees. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to call a professional pest control service in Coral Springs. We have specific solutions for whiteflies and can monitor their ongoing impact. If you believe that you have an issue with whiteflies, feel free to call us at 954-906-9118 for assistance.